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Having to navigate in and around the modern music world of today is a real challenge. What most people fail to realize is just how hard it really is. Time, money, energy and a lifetime of learning to master your craft doesn't prepare you for the business end of your career. The new "Market Place" is filled with pit falls and bad choices. Your web site, e-blasts, Twitter and your Face Book page are not enough to get you and your music out there. I developed DTI Publishing to help our clients navigate their way through the plethora of marketing and sales options every musician is faced with. This also includes how to receive payment for your work. I urge anyone who is looking to dedicate their life to music, join the every growing number of DTI partners who we have help in this process. I know we all started out to express ourselves in music to be artistic and clever and to have a lot of fun, but as the years pass your reasons for doing music change and mature making it more important that you understand how to collect for your efforts. My best suggestion is to be prepared for success.



The restoration project…



My jazz journey is intertwined with all the musicians on these recordings; the evolution of each of us and each project were roads that lead to the ideas, sound and textures we use in DrivetimeUOJ today. And it's a good gauge to see how far our 38-year association with the music has changed, developed and shaped the course of DrivetimeUOJ. We were in our 20's when we started Eulipian and the original music I believe reflects the energy and excitement of our youth. When you receive Havana Fusion you will see our flirtation with smooth jazz that wasn't even invented yet. Stiff Stuff was a ball’s to the wall, badass group you can only dream about. All these aspects are woven into what DrivetimeUOJ is all about, steeped in history and versatility; I hope this shows through the music of DrivetimeUOJ. For all intent and purpose you could just call this "A Band" a rose by any other name is still a rose.            



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