The only constant is change! Heraclitus of Ephesus. This truth is one that we either embrace or fall victim too. As it is with all projects such as Drivetime. Over the next few months I'll be creating a new page on the web site. It will be full of vintage material not heard in years outlining the long and winding road that lead to Drivetime. With the expert help by our engineer Jim Forbes from Clear Tracks Studio hopefully will be able to re-master and restore them and bring them into the 21st century. From one of the earliest performances in New Hampshire in 1975 to the end of the Fusion era in the 90's. In these recordings you will hear some of the most creative an innovative original compositions written and performed by Gene Terramani, Chris Friedrich, Rod Brannan and myself. You'll also be treated to some covers of Miles Davis, Grover Washington Jr., Jerry Nighwood and Pharoah Sanders. Why am I doing this? Because it's the easiest way to explain how Drivetime will continue to evolve. Once they are posted I sincerely hope you enjoy the music and feel free to contact me, we would love to hear your thought's. Speaking of Changes, with great pride I announce that Drivetime has become a publishing company with emphases on composers and songwriters, if your serious about your music here is an opportunity to have your material placed or recorded by Drivetime. Drivetime International Publishing (DTI) will also help members to learn how to market your songs, work the social media to your benefit. Our senior adviser Jen Miller from Loudseed Marketing an industry professional will help you to navigate the plethora of meaningful ways to get you songs out there recorded and place with a significant artist.

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