Good So Far!!!

Well it's been an interesting month so far, with the release of Ignition and our Airplay and promo adds on we have doubled the hits to DrivetimeUOJ's website increased our European presents by 50% and are selling CD's and mp3 downloads. For any smooth jazz bands that find themselves in our position of being a national worthy act but not being able to break through the wall that's been placed in front of you please find the momentum of making the right choices for yourself. Get connected! Work your Face Book page, work Twitter and My Space build a following any way you can and for God sakes take advantage of the tools and people like Sandy Shore and Donna Phillips from to chip away the resistance to your music. No one can do it but you, there's no magic bullet, and you are responsible for your own success. Just to let you know why this is important as I'm writhing this I'm listening to a liner I did to introduce Lincoln Drive on and then hearing the tune, that’s what I'm talkin’ bout!!! Don't shortchange yourself...

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