Growing the DT team!

11/02/13 I have a few announcements to make which are an incredible turn of events for Drivetime personally and professionally, Thanks to a suggestion from Gene Terramani I contacted Glenn Friedman of The Music Umbrella who if your not familiar with is a consulting and licensing company in LA. We have hired Glenn as our liaison for TV and film placement of our works, and to shop us a deal. We want to welcome Glenn to the team. The other announcement is the out of the blue phone call from long time industry professional Norman B Ratner who was responsible for Elton John, Olivia Newton John, and engineer'ed the come back of Lou Rawls just to name a few who at present represents a company call Fame Wizard, he has since become our strongest advocate. He made me realize that all the hard work the boy's and I have put into the Drivetime project is about to pay off. With his help we will begin to break through the barrier that has prevented us from moving up the commercial ladder. We want to also welcome Norman and the crew from Fame Wizard to our team. In other news we are taking some time to write some new tunes, work them in to the show and prepare for our show at the  James Michener Art Museum on February 22, 2014, sounds far away but trust me it will be here sooner then you think. I will let you know when tickets become available or contact Zoriana at the Museum.  I would also like to thank Sandy Shore and the crew at smooth and Michael Tozzi from jjz & for helping us get the kind of air play needed to attract people like Glenn and Norman... Onward and upward.....enjoy the ride! 

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