Bernie Capodici is a highly accomplished musician, band leader, producer, and former radio host on KPIU RADIO. He is the founder and percussionist of the internationally recognized band Drivetime, which has been producing hit singles and albums for over a decade. Drivetime’s unique style, described as Urban Organic Jazz, combines elements of jazz, nu jazz, fusion, funk, and Latin music. The band, which includes Gene Terramani on guitar, Nick Terramani on bass, and JJ Zeller on drums, is known for its electrifying live performances.

Drivetime’s music has been widely recognized and celebrated, with their singles “Getin’ Witit” (2009) featuring Bob Baldwin, “What You Won’t Do For Love” (2012) featuring Justin Guarini, “Lincoln Drive” (2012) featuring Andrew Neu on saxophone, “Mysterious Life” and “California Dreamin'” albums and “Whispers” (2016) becoming #1 most added tracks on the Billboard Jazz Charts. And in 2024 reached 92 in the Smooth Jazz 100 with their hit (I Can't Forget You) featuring the award winning pianist Yulia Petrova, in dedication for Capodici's good friend and mentor Jerry Blavat. 

Bernie’s passion for music began at a young age, as he was trained by his father Charlie Capodici in percussion and congas. And was mentored by the one and only Jerry Blavat. He continued his studies at the University of Utah, delving into the world of Latin percussion, and later spent time in the West Indies to immerse himself in the rhythms of the islands. Upon returning to the US, he studied with renowned musicians such as Joe Butara, Harry Hawkins, Doc Gibbs and David Anchor from Juilliard. He has played with multiple jazz bands throughout his career, including Eulipian, Havana Fusion, Stiff Stuff, and Drivetime. He has also made special appearances with notable musicians such as Chuck Reiney, Dexter Wansel, Jonathan Cain and Justin Guarini, Andrew Neu and recorded with Bob Baldwin, Andrew Neu, Justin Guarini & most recently Yulia. In addition to his work with Drivetime, Bernie Capodici has moved his popular radio-show and created a brand new radio station of his own (GrooveLife Radio) where he presents the Drivetime Show, the ever popular Top 20 smooth jazz hits radio show, which is heard around the world 24/7.

Michael Tozzi, BernieC, Andrew Neu - The heart of Smooth Jazz in Philly.

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