From the recording Ignition

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It’s Love We’re In
Music Jimmy Dell'Orefice
Lyrics Bernie Capodici

Now that we’re face to face
We glide across the floor
It’s a warm embrace
Like we always did before
And we are falling
Such a spin
Let’s dance our dance
Cause its love we’re in
I step forward
You step back
I stop your motion
You twirl back
I feel your heart beat
As we sway side to side
This is our moment
I can see it in your eyes
I had a notion
That we could work it through
Sweet intentions
That led me back to you
Now that we’re face to face
And Running in the rain
In any season
It will always be the same
We are fallin’
In such a spin
Let’s dance our dance
It’s love we’re in

Phyllis Chapell - Vocals
Bernie Capodici - Percussion
Jimmy Dell'Orefice - Piano, Keyboards, Hammond B-3
Richard Orr - Soprano
John Sorrenti - Guitar
Chris Friedrich - Bass
Mike Piper - Drums