1. Urban Symphony

From the recording Ignition

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Urban Symphony
Music & Lyrics Bernie Capodici

I look around me
Good God what I see
So many problems
Like waves in the sea
That Urban Symphony
All the strife in this world today
There must be a better way
Children crying no food to eat
Homeless millions roam the streets
OOOOO that Urban Symphony
Let’s come together
If we each do our part
Our troubles are so many
Now it’s time to start
You don’t need a reason
To reach out your hand
Let’s get our thing together
It’s time to take a stand
OOOOO that Urban Symphony
Heal the sick and feed the poor,
No more combat, no more war
Politicians have run amuck
We the people out of luck
Stand together – stand up tall
Stand together before we fall
Never give up never give up
It’s not too late, with that Urban Symphony

Justin Guarini - Vocals
Bernie Capodici - Percussion
Jimmy Dell'Orefice - Piano, Keyboards
Richard Orr - Horn Section
John Sorrenti - Guitar
Chris Friedrich - Bass
Mike Piper - Drums